Shibga Chowdhury And His Story With 
Semantic Mastery
Shibga's Story
My agency offers SEO and maps products to local businesses, and especially roofing contractors. Joining Semantic Mastery and the MasterMIND helped me grow my business and get quite a bunch of new clients.

At the moment, my main focus is on growing my client base and working with video tools. Both are going very well and I am now trying to scale them up. There are also a couple of tools that we are developing ourselves.

In terms of client acquisition, the main thing that helped me is positioning them. I learned to position clients and the whole idea about numbers from Semantic Mastery. If somebody is not in the right place to be my client, then to go for the next guy, but try to always reach back out to the same people over and over again. That kind of mindset that I learned from Semantic Mastery made a huge difference. Originally, my main form of getting clients was video audits, so I watched Bradley's ones and also got a few nuggets from there.

I think the guys at Semantic Mastery are really into testing - and that is really, really cool. Marco has his own testing going, Hernan has his own testing, and Bradley too. Then they come together and share what they are finding in real time live right now in the market, and that is pretty awesome.

The main perk is being able to have a group who is always trying to start and discover the newest strategies and find out what is working right now. And when you are in that kind of group, you are in the right position in the market. If anything changes - and it happens a lot in our industry - you have a first hand take from experts in your own field, and that helps a lot in bringing solid results. And this is obviously on top of all the support that comes along with it.

If you are thinking of joining the Semantic Mastery MasterMIND, I just have to say that especially from a ranking perspective, these guys’ product is very focused on bringing results - as in actual phone calls.

What I mean by that is there are lots and lots of great products out there that can show you how to rank really well. But I feel that these guys put it in a way where we do the least possible needed to get the most calls. I am in local business so that is what is most important to me.

So right from there, if you are reading this and you are trying to generate more calls for your clients and bring them actual results, I would say that it is a no-brainer to be in Semantic Mastery.