Mohammad Makki And His Story With 
Semantic Mastery
Mohammad's Story
My name is Mohammad. At the moment, I am using the Local GMB Pro method that Semantic Mastery developed for local SEO and Marketing. I'm selling it to customers as a foot in the door, so that I can go do more work for them down the line, or just increase the number of calls and slowly increase the rate that they pay me per month. Just yesterday, I got a new client with the GMB method. With him for example, I have set up a smaller retainer first and then for every call he pays me $10.

Some time ago, I was in an affiliate marketing program with Beau from Support. I didn't know he was from Semantic Mastery, but I connected with him there and he told me about his job where he basically worked for clients and he was his own boss. That sounded fun and I kept talking to him. He would keep answering my questions, but eventually he told me that he was getting all his information from these guys who do a webinar every Wednesday. Eventually, I attended one of Semantic Mastery’s Hump Day Hangout webinars and asked a question about PBNs, and Bradley goes out there and answers it. I was phased. 

I started buying all Semantic Mastery’s courses, Local Kingpin, Content Kingpin. I then realized that the advice I am given is different from standard SEO guru talk. I think the Semantic Mastery guys focus more on growing the business and that's what I like. So as soon as I got a chance to enter the MasterMIND for the free trial, I jumped at it. It turned out great. The cool thing is that I used the strategy just from being in the Mastermind and a huge client ended up paying off the MasterMIND monthly. Now I'm in there for good.

For the future, I plan to eventually grow my local agency. But I also plan to use the skills I learned in the Mastermind to start other businesses, or collaborate with other people. Marco from Semantic Mastery has this great model to start businesses with other people, and get some of the equity. And that's what I'm planning to do. Hernan put it down this way: we have super powers, and we can apply them to any business. I think it is a huge advantage for starting up any kind of business, so I think it would be a shame to just stay in one thing. While that's great, I am thinking of applying my skills to restaurants. I hope down the road to open a restaurant and market it with the skills I have now.

I know a lot of people who are misguided in the SEO world, so it feels good that Semantic Mastery is steering them onto the right path.