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Take The POFU Path To Get YOU To Your P.O.F.U
What is POFU? We think this video sums it up perfectly:

Semantic Mastery MasterMIND members are part of a tight knit community - both those who are just getting started and want a path to follow to create their first $5k-$10k in recurring monthly revenue and those who are looking to take their existing digital marketing agency and scale it.

We want to provide you the tools, training, and insights you need to make more money, get better clients, and work less. In the MasterMIND, we can make that happen.

Here's a list the benefits that MasterMIND members enjoy:
  • 1 on 1 Call: Onboarding call with a Semantic Mastery founder to get you started quickly
  • POFU Path: Your personalized path to start, growing, & scaling - 60 days of focused action followed up with personalized feedback.
  •  Community & Network: Access to the MasterMIND community where you can meet, work with, and interact with other growing local digital marketers.
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Why You Will Find Success With The MasterMIND
Get More Clients
Learn how to fill your pipeline and turn prospects into clients. No business survives, or thrives, without clients and we have multiple powerful methods to help you find and secure more clients.
Get Them Results
Now that you have clients, you need to get them results - and we are ALL about results. Get your clients real world results so that they will LOVE paying you a monthly retainer...
Ongoing Support
This isn't a one-time deal - The Semantic Mastery MasterMIND offers you ongoing training with bi-weekly live webinars featuring training, Live Q&A, and more...
And There's More...
After you've finished your 60 day POFU Path, more benefits await:
  •  Local GMB Pro: $600 discount on this powerhouse course that takes your GMB listings to the next level
  • ​ Local PR Pro: Utilize Press Releases for advanced (and fast) ranking results and so much more - $800 Value - FREE
  • ​ Syndication Academy: The original and groundbreaking content syndication course - $97 per month - FREE
  • ​ Local Kingpin: Itching to use Google Ads for clients? Get access and put it to use! - $500 Value - FREE
  •  MasterCLASS Archives: From affiliate sites to local website builds and more, it's in here - $2975 Value - FREE
  •  Content Kingpin: Easily create content for yourself, clients, for pennies on the dollar - $299 Value - FREE
  •  YouTube Silos: Short course in building silos for powering up your YouTube assets - FREE
  •  Rank Your Sh!t Reloaded: $2000 discount on the groundbreaking followup to RYS Academy
  •  MGYB Discount: MasterMIND members only discount for Syndication Networks at MGYB.co - Big Savings!
These courses are unlocked at one per month for active members only
Don't Do It Alone!
Join a small group mastermind within the Semantic Mastery MasterMIND. What's a small group mastermind?

It's where we match you up with 3-5 others working towards similar goals and markets so that you can share, learn, and speed up the process towards better results by taking what you've learned in the MasterMIND and from your group members and putting it to work AND getting feedback quickly.

This is the perfect compliment to the Semantic Mastery training and will help you produce better results, faster, with accountability.
Syndication Academy
Learn how you can put your business growth in autopilot with these syndication methods! Get ahead of the competition in a long lasting, scalable way! FREE access for MasterMIND members.
Get access to the GOLDMINE that is the MasterCLASS training archives - not available for purchase ANYWHERE. Local SEO, Video SEO, Affiliate Case studies, and so much more...FREE access for MasterMIND members.
MasterMIND Video Archives
Instant access to not only hundreds of hours of detailed training across revenue generating topics but also interviews, & discount codes for MGYB.co (MasterMIND ONLY)...FREE access for MasterMIND members.
How To Grow Your Local SEO & Marketing Income!
If you're serious about joining the MasterMIND, today is the day!
We only want the serious action takes to join our growing group of online entrepreneurs who know that it takes real knowledge, work, and skill to see success. 
We're Looking For Our "Dream Partners"
Over the past several years, we've partnered with students, connected others with future partnerships, and so much more - are you looking for a group that can help you grow? Look no further!
Stop Wasting Time On Shiny Objects
We've all been there, looking for the magical solution to get results, rank better and have a profitable business.... Unfortunately, it's very easy to get distracted with "shiny objects" and magical solutions that don't really work... taking action with the amazing content that we provide for our spectacular membership. Not only that, but the other members are going to provide you with great feedback that will help you grow and scale your business.
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