Damon Greene And His Story With 
Semantic Mastery
Damon's Story
I’m Damon Greene from Video Leads HQ. I just want to give a shout out to Hernan, Adam, Marco, Chris and Bradley at the Semantic Mastery Mastermind. 

After having been in contact with Bradley through the Hump Day Hangouts, I decided to join the Mastermind programme. One year later, I can say I’ve learned a lot. You don't know how much you don't know until you're around a bunch of smart people. 

And I’m not a newbie, as I’ve been in the field ever since 2001, but there's always something new or something going on or something that is not working, and these guys are just the kings at making things happen. 

I get questions answered, I get great advice, and I get to help and contribute here and there.

If you're looking at the Semantic Mastery Mastermind, go ahead and jump on it. They're really cool guys and they’re easy to work with. Everything is easy to follow and read. If you're talking about networking and talking to experts, this is the place to be, so I highly recommend the Semantic Mastery Mastermind.