Brian Costello And His Story With 
Semantic Mastery
Brian's Story
My name is Brian Costello. I'm standing here largely because of SEO, even though I’m not a SEO professional. I own a service based business - a rat removal company in Dallas, Texas.

This is my second go at my business because unfortunately, two years ago I woke up broke from my previous business partner stealing everything from me. I had nothing and decided to build a website. Through Google search, YouTube videos etc., I came across Semantic Mastery and a few other people. I ultimately ended up joining Semantic Mastery and I've grown my business three X (tripled!) this year using SEO tactics that I learned on Semantic Mastery.

I went from basically doing twenty thousand last year in net profit, to over a hundred and sixty I made this year. Honestly I'm just killing it, and that's largely due to my friend Simon and the spot on training that I received from being a Mastermind member in Semantic Mastery.